Social Sitting

There is baby sitting, pet sitting, grandparents sitting and even house sitting. Now there is ‘social sitting’ (only in German).

Wow, I have to admit that even though I am quite open minded this proves a bit too much of social connectedness. ‘What is it?’ I hear you cry. Well, first and foremost it is a good way of creating a buzz on the net. A lot of people seem to talk about it and certainly the company who created it got a lot of publicity be it on Twitter, blogs and the alike. According to its homepage it is a service where people can hire a representative for their Facebook profile. Free of charge as well!

Good lord, why hasn’t anyone thought about this before? What has the world been missing?? In a way it probably happens already all the time, I remember going on holiday and asking my brother back home to check my Facebook messages as I couldn’t get any internet access. This might look pathetic to some but as a self-proclaimed (not only self but also commonly-proclaimed) communication addict it is hard for me not to be connected to my beloved social media tools. However, I really trust my brother and know that he wouldn’t have pulled any pranks on me. What about some stranger getting access to your profile and doing all sorts of things with it? Reading your messages, changing profile information, not to speak of relaxing your privacy settings?

Just as a side point, a good article on how to control your Facebook privacy by Social Media Coach Andrea Vahl, now that FB has changed those options again…..

There are possibly even worse scenarios I cannot even think of at the moment but hey, why not? Apparently everything your ‘sitter’ executes will be marked as his/her activity… To be honest, I would not use this service but would find it quite interesting to sit someone’s Facebook profile. I wonder why people would actually want some stranger to take over… Maybe it also takes away from the stress to be controlled by all those Social Media tools? Maybe it is a perfect excuse to lay low online for a while, let’s say for example in exam periods where Facebook proves to be procrastination source No.1….

Another side point here; an article about a study linking Facebook use to lower grades in college.

Bottom line is: The developer Kolle Rebbe propably didn’t realise that they were triggering such a Social Media avalanche when they came up with their tongue-in-cheek application. However, now that it is out there I am sure it will gain popularity in the long-run.

To read on:

“Neues App Social Sitter” (German)

Another off-topic point to be made: Why is an App all of a sudden ‘neutral’ (das) in German? Shouldn’t it be ‘female’ (die) ?

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